HCS Primary Telephone: 256-428-6800
After-Hours Emergency Contact: 256-428-8355
Image Name (last, first) Sort descending Job Title Email Phone Department
Andrea Alvarez, Andrea Member, Board of Education - District 3 Contact 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Loren Anderson, Loren Administrative Assistant Contact 256-963-9843 Human Resources
Connie Baer, Connie Social Worker Contact 256-428-7700 Student Welfare and Social Services
Barnett, Brian Video Production Specialist Contact 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Battles, Tonia Truancy Specialist Contact 256-334-9712 Student Welfare and Social Services
Brown, Angie Finance Generalist Contact 256-428-6860 Finance
Leigh Ann Brown, Leigh Ann Counseling Services Coordinator Contact 256-963-9832 School Counseling Services
Buck, Brandi Human Resources Specialist Contact 256-963-9844 Human Resources
Chappell, Jade Career Coach Contact 256-428-7810 Career Readiness
Chatman, Brandon Pre-Employment Transition Specialist Contact 256-963-9792 Special Education
Rhonda Childress, Rhonda I.T. Manager Contact 256-428-6919 Digital Learning (IT)
Clark, Tavares tavares.clark@hsv-k12.org Contact 256-963-9846 Human Resources
Kimberly Collier, Kimberly Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6869 Athletics & Extracurricular Activities
Craft, Barton Fine Arts Coordinator Contact 256-963-9834 Fine Arts Programs
Craig, Andy Chief School Financial Officer Contact 256-428-6852 Finance
Creel, Matthew Student Outcomes Data Strategist Contact 256-963-9849 Talent Management
Crowe, Jonathan ETV Director Contact 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Danylo, Amy Finance Generalist Contact 256-428-6860
Darby, Trena Payroll Specialist Contact 256-963-9869 Payroll
Dent, Teresa Behavioral Specialist Contact 256-963-9805 Behavioral Learning
Chrissy Depew, Christine Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6955 Child Nutrition Program
Dothard, Cristy School Readiness Specialist Contact 256-428-6940 School Readiness
Drane, Phillip Senior Software Specialist Contact 256-924-0915 Digital Learning (IT)
Scott Eason, Scott Print Shop Supervisor Contact 256-428-8359 Operations
Edgecombe, Leah Magnet Programs Coordinator Contact 256-924-1113 Magnet Programs
Emily Elam, Emily Chief Information Officer Contact 256-428-6901 Digital Learning (IT)
Maude Ellison, Maude Facility Use Coordinator Contact 256-428-8370 Operations
Emergency Contact 256-428-8355
Christie Finley, Christie Superintendent Contact 256-428-6812 Superintendent
Fisher, Micah Human Resources Director Contact 256-963-9841 Human Resources
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Names of Officers, Members or Owners of Concern, Partnership, Etc.

Names of Officers, Members or Owners of Concern, Partnership, Etc.

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