The Supper Program

The Supper Program provides freshly prepared nutritious meals (healthy proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and milk) to students 18 years and under at eligible after-school program sites.

This program will replace after school snack services at 11 school sites this year.

Filling a Nutrition Gap

When children arrive home from school, they may be reach for high-calorie snacks before dinner. Our supper meals may prevent that, though they are not intended to substitute for family dinners. 

Schools Participating in the Supper Program:

  • Chapman P-8
  • Columbia High
  • Dawson Elementary
  • Highlands Elementary
  • Jemison High
  • Lakewood Elementary
  • Lee / New Century Technology High
  • McNair Junior High
  • Morris P-8
  • Providence P-8
  • Ridgecrest Elementary
  • Rolling Hills Elementary
  • Williams P-8 

For more information please contact us at (256) 428-6955

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